Trimble Acquires Building Data

MEP News - Building Data’s Autodesk Fabrication Managed Content is a comprehensive database of real-world pipe fitting and valves and HVAC standard fittings and accessories that no other software can match. Building Data is proud to be one of the world leaders for mechanical manufacturer content with nearly one million line items on our dedicated website. Component items are always accurate, updated and extensible, so users can be sure they have the right manufacturer specific information available when designing a building services model.

Building Data’s Autodesk Fabrication Managed Content is a centralized tool that enables a contractor’s staff to create, edit, manage and publish (in a number of formats) a variety of MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) data components using a standardized set of information, rules, processes and workflows that ensure coherent, validated and AutoCAD Fabrication CADmep, ESTmep and CAMduct content.

The Managed Content library is the data foundation of the Autodesk® Fabrication product line, the MEP industries’ BIM fabrication software sold by Building Data, and supports SysQue™ Revit® MEP Fabrication Solutions, all of which produce significant quality and efficiency improvements in the design and construction process.

Real-World Content | The unique aspect of Building Data’s Managed Content is that it is ‘real-world’ and is of fabrication standard, based on the most extensive and comprehensive BIM product libraries in the mechanical industries. Building Data’s Managed Content database provides access to accurate, BIMenabled OEM content from the most prominent manufacturers in the mechanical industries and is the unparalleled solution for advanced detail, design and coordination.

Configuration Out of the Box
When you purchase your subscription from Building Data, the configuration is already done. Configuration is the compilation of all the necessary data, system options, pre-setup services, custom AutoCAD ribbons, plot file (CTB) to match services out of the box, annotations, local pricing and labor, and pre-setup specifications for a given region (U.S., U.K., Australia, etc.). This way, you’re able to use the system out of the box to perform your actual job, instead of having to set up the system before you can use it. No other reseller does that for you.

Exclusive Access to MEP Component Database
All Building Data customers receive access to the acclaimed Building Data MEP component database—the largest integrated mechanical, electrical and plumbing component database in North America. You have the option of using pre-built manufacturer components that will make your detailing fast and accurate, will ultimately reduce your company’s labor costs and improve efficiency, quality and productivity. Autodesk Fabrication software doesn’t include this level of enhanced data out of the box and with it, you’ll save yourself countless hours creating content.

Each individual line item in Building Data’s Managed Content database has an extensive set of attributes already attached to it, meaning that intelligent data about any design can be forwarded to anyone in the project.

  • Material with weight
  • Material cost
  • Labor units
  • Manufacturer’s PDF Specification sheets HTML link provided
  • Dimensional data for prefabrication

Because all parts are BIM-rich with comprehensive attribute sets, all items can be used by other systems within an organization such as procurement, submittal documentation, and Trimble MEP field layout solutions. Managed data equals consistency in the performance of the Fabrication tool set (CAD, EST, and CAM) and enables rich exchanges of data with other commercial systems. Items from Building Data’s Managed Content are pre-defined to take full advantage of a library of services that are ready to use. These services can also be edited to comply with a current project’s specifications.

  • Items are parametric
  • Items contain their connectivity dimensions and rules
  • Items also represent imported equipment models, sub-assemblies, etc.

With Building Data Managed Content, each manufacturer component is meticulously modeled in 3-D for dimensions and likeness, and all of the required information—labor costing, parts costing, submittal, and specification documents—is built into the job, ready for extraction. The HVAC Managed Content provides the most extensive libraries of Rectangular, Round & Oval Fittings available, which are suitable for Seamed or Welded Construction. These can be input with metric or imperial dimensions. The fittings have a wide range of configurable options: Seam Positions, Notches, Holes for Access Doors, Insulation/Liner, Double Wall, Stitch Cutting, and Diameter “Fit” Adjustments. The Mechanical Managed Content provides the most comprehensive pipe, fittings and valves database in the industry, including product lists with welded, screwed, flanged, pressed, coupled and spigot/socket connections.

Building Data’s BIM Fabrication Software offerings, including its Managed Content database, provides access to millions of predefined MEP components, providing the mechanical industry with sustainable content to support estimates, procurement, submittal documents, CAD/CAM fabrication, modular pre-fabrication, field layout documentation, staging and as-built documentation.