The Hook™ by MonoSystems

With the recent addition of our 2” x 3” j-hook, The Hook™ wire management system is simply the most innovative and robust j-hook system available today. From voice and data, to security, building automation and life safety systems – The Hook™ answers the call as a better, faster and easier cable management solution.

Unlike other j-hooks that require additional brackets, parts and labor to create tiered channels, The Hook™ features a patented, ground-breaking design that simplifies the add-on process and lowers the cost of installation on materials and labor significantly. It is the world’s ONLY zero-hardware, infinitely linkable j-hook system. To add a tier, you simply slide in a new hook until it clicks and locks in place. Yes, it’s that easy. The Hook™ is the only j-hook that the installer can link together without the need for additional hardware, creating a secure, tiered cable support system for easily segregating cabling media – such as fire, security, video, communications and power – in separate pathways to prevent crossover. The Hook allows electrical engineers and contractors to lower their costs for materials and labor.

The unique “flatter” shape of our j-hook, as compared to older, more traditional “curved” designs, allows cables to lay evenly dispersed and helps to alleviate pressure points on your cabling for better overall heat dissipation which may impact network performance. This may be especially true when applications call for PoE (Power over Ethernet). The wider, flatter bottom also helps keep cables from prematurely bending or sagging.

Both our new H-233-S, and our H-433-S (4” x 3”) sizes offer radiused edges that prevent damage to wires and cables while pulling, and protects the installer from injury during the installation process. Both sizes include an integrated wire clip retainer to keep your cables safe. Each patented j-hook may be used by itself, in tiers, and back-to-back. A color band system is offered for pathway designation. The available color bands easily slide over the integrated wire clip as you add your tiers. This differs from many other j-hook color systems that require painting the j-hooks prior to installation. Those systems cause delivery delays and often force the installer to order and maintain greater inventory than required. The Hook™ system is UL Listed and available in both steel and non-corrosive stainless steel.

The Hook™ is available exclusively through MonoSystems. Send RFQ’s to , visit or call 888-764.7681 for more information.