Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Elbows

Threaded. Unthreaded. Why Not Both?

Allied Tube & Conduit’s new and innovative Super Kwik-Couple Conduit, offers you the best of both worlds.  Super Kwik-Couple Conduit, available in both GRC and IMC conduit and GRC Elbows, is listed to UL6 and UL1242.  The patented coupling allows Super Kwik-Couple Conduit to connect to both threaded and unthreaded product.  Just line up the conduit, turn the compression ring and you’re done. It really is that simple.

Sporting a flexible design, Allied’s new Super Kwik-Couple Conduit also allows you to easily and quickly transition from GRC to IMC or EMT with no need for threading equipment, special couplings or tools. Super Kwik-Couple Conduit eliminates the need for combination fittings and field threading.

Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Elbows offer the features and benefits that contractors have been asking for such as:

Speed of Installation: Just insert the conduit and tighten the compression ring and you’re done!

Reduce Labor Cost: Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Elbows connect Kwiker than Standard Couplings and 3-Piece Couplings.

Reduced Material Cost: Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Elbows eliminate the need to purchase or inventory 3-Piece Couplings.

Flexible Design: Innovative design allows for easy transitions for GRC, IMC and EMT.

Eliminates Field Threading: Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple Conduit connects to threaded or unthreaded product - saving you labor and space on the job site.

Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Super Kwik-Couple elbows reduce installation time and inventory costs.

Super Kwik-Couple Conduit provides a Kwik ‘n easy installation of bends offsets and elbows.

The new compact design allows for installation in tight spaces.

Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple coupling can be easily removed from the conduit and reinstalled in seconds using standard tongue and groove pliers or a strap wrench.

Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple is a patented steel super coupling factory installed on IMC and Rigid conduits and rigid elbows and is available on trade sizes 2-1/2” through 4”.

So start saving money “Super Kwik” with Allied’s Super Kwik-Couple Conduit and Elbows!


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