Emerson Appleton: Effortless LED Retrofits

The Appleton™ Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Series by Emerson is a lightweight and versatile luminaire that provides seamless one-to-one retrofitting. Requiring little to no maintenance over the lifetime of the luminaire, the Mercmaster LED Low Profile retrofits to legacy Appleton Mercmaster mounting hoods, making it a great solution when upgrading an existing Appleton space. Our optional retrofit adapters for other manufacturers’ legacy mounting hoods, ensure existing conduit doesn’t need to be modified. Consolidate with a single versatile luminaire; simplifying lighting upgrades while saving installation and energy costs.

The value in lighting is in enabling you to comfortably and safely work in any environment. The challenges of bad color, shadows, glare and inconsistent illumination are complex. With four interchangeable, field replaceable globes and three different color temperature options to choose from, upgrading a facility’s lighting technology while improving lighting uniformity and comfort is easy. Appleton LED luminaires by Emerson maximize usable light that is comfortable and safe: providing a high-quality LED experience. Every application deserves a tailored lighting solution for any mounting height or level of illumination needed.

For more information about the Appleton Mercmaster LED Low Profile Series by Emerson visit our website or masteringled.com.