Taking On The eCommerce Content Challenge

It is not news that traditional distributors are facing competitive threats from online services like Amazon, catalog distributors like Grainger, and even large national chains that have the resources to develop their own eCommerce initiatives. Perhaps even more importantly, new generation buyers are very comfortable making purchases online as they have become so adept at doing in their daily lives.  A story was recently shared at a trade conference how an electrical contractor ordered a new drill-driver after he dropped it off a 12-ft. ladder.  He ordered the replacement tool from the top of the ladder on his cellphone!  From Amazon of course.  But in reality, had his regular electrical supplier offered an easy way to order online (like Amazon), he would have happily placed the order with the distributor.

We do not think distributors are willing to cede business to online competitors when their hard earned customers choose to purchase some of their supplies and materials online. We know that online sales are never going to replace the traditional distributor and the myriad value-added services they provide, but when customers want to buy even a small percentage of their goods online, distributors should be able to offer them a great option.  Amazon is going to get their orders too, but there is no reason a distributor’s loyal customer should be buying electrical products and supplies from Amazon.
Among the issues that keeps distributors from offering an Amazon-like online store to their existing customers is the challenge of acquiring needed rich, relevant product content.  Obtaining this rich level of content can be a very heavy lift. Distributors either face a difficult and expensive in-house project, or settle for content that will not create the compelling environment that online savvy customers expect. 

Fortunately, Trade Service has some great options for distributors to acquire the rich content they need. Fully outsourced, rich, compelling eCommerce content that is easy to integrate with almost any eCommerce, PIM, mobile, enterprise, or web storefront application, and very importantly, quite affordable due to the leveraged models we employ to build the content.  Trade Service offers a complimentary eCommerce content pilot project so a distributor can easily see exactly the level of content they would receive if they go forward with a project with Trade Service.

If you'd like to get a 30-minute complimentary consultation with our eCommerce Content Strategist, email us at robert_stone@tradeservice.com

Trade Service eCommerce content has already been integrated into the following eCommerce solutions:

  • Second Phase
  • Epicor eCommerce (ECC)
  • Eclipse WOE
  • P21 B2B Seller
  • XO Logic
  • Aldrich Web Solutions
  • Computer Pundits
  • Schmitt 
  • Unilog
  • Ximple eCommerce
  • Xtuple eCommerce
  • Insite
  • Magento
  • DDI eCommerce
  • Innovo
  • SourceWare
  • Savance eCommerce
  • Infor eCommerce