3 Errors in Bolt Setting

Ask any electrical contractor if they have experienced problems setting anchor bolts in light pole bases, and you will get a resounding “YES” every time. Fortunately, there is an ingenious solution for contractors seeking to reduce costs and prevent costly mistakes from happening ever again.

The traditional construction method involves custom fabricating a template out of wood to hold 4 anchor bolts over a concrete forming tube. One mistake using this method can cost you thousands of dollars in rework.

The 3 Most Common Mistakes:

  1. Measuring errors in building the wood template, resulting in incorrect bolt spacing
  2. Bolts shifting or “leaners” from pulling the wood template too soon
  3. Form marks on top of base from leaving the wood template in place too long.

Fixing the Problems

Introducing the innovative BOLT STAR® reusable bolt template. Simply set BOLT STAR on the concrete forming tube, install bolts to the bolt circle specified in the paper template, wire up the rebar cage, and Bam! You’re done. Measurement errors are a thing of the past since bolt circle diameters are pre-measured and marked right on the surface of the tool. Even bolt projection can be accurately measured. Bolts come out perfect every time!

BOLT STAR delivers real cost savings too. Let’s do the math. Say you have 50 pole bases to pour. It will take 2 crew members an estimated 75 hours to build and set up 50 wood templates at an average $40/hour plus materials cost of $20 per template. Total estimated cost using the wood template method comes to $4,000.00.

With BOLT STAR, you need only 10 templates at $88 each and then reuse them 5 times. Since this method is 57% more efficient, it will take your 2-member crew only 33 hours (compared to 75 hours) to set up 50 bases for a total cost of only $2,200. Total Savings on this job alone is $1,800, or $36 per pole base! The savings continues to add up on the next job with an additional $53.60 saved on each and every pole base thereafter.

Try BOLT STAR today!