Trade Service Live Platform Enhancements

As promised in the last edition of the Trade Service Newsletter the Product Team is constantly making enhancements to the Trade Service Live Platform. It has been about 5 months since the launch of Trade Service Live (TSL) and we have made numerous improvements based on great feedback from our loyal customer base. Here are some notable enhancements and new features that have been completed.

The New "Grid View"

The new "Grid View" in the search results allows you to customize the display format of the data so you just see the pertinent fields that apply to your workflow.  

Features of the "Save RFQ" button

Now when you finalize the Request For Quote (RFQ) Summary of your Bill of Material (BOM) you can save the results with the "Save RFQ" button. With this new feature you can now go to "My RFQ's" in Supplier Xchange and look back at your previous RFQ's for analysis or reference history. 

Navigation guides and ongoing new release info

We are here to help when you need our assistance. With that said we have provided navigation guides and the latest release information regarding Trade Service Live in the "?" button on the bottom left hand side and a customer care convenient chat feature located on the bottom right hand side. Don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable Customer Care team.  

New "NECA Manual Labor Unit" feature

With our new NECA Manual Labor Unit feature, users with a NECA subscription have access to the published NECA MLU Manual and the ability to search on NECA Manual Labor Units for utilizing in your estimates and change orders. This is a great to make your estimate and change order process more efficient with the data you need readily available and easy to find.

If there are any further enhancements that you feel that need to be implemented into our product roadmap please feel free to send your feedback to