ILSCO® Oxide Inhibitor

ILSCO’s Oxide Inhibitor, DE-OX, is a premium anti-oxidant that provides an airtight seal around your terminations.  DE-OX prevents the formation of oxides in connector-to-conductor joints by applying it to a connector prior to inserting the wire conductor.  ILSCO’s DE-OX is recommended for all connector-to-conductor terminations and is suitable for use in temperatures from -40C˚ to 90˚C.  Many of our connectors come pre-filled with DE-OX!

DE-OX is available in three different formulas: Non-Grit, Copper, and Zinc. All three formulas come in a variety of package sizes.

  • ILSCO’s NON-GRIT formula is our top selling oxide inhibitor and is suitable for both aluminum and copper general-purpose terminations. Non-Grit is a strong preventer of oxide formation.
  • Our COPPER formula, DE-OX-C, contains flecks of copper which improves pullout strength and reduces operating temperatures for copper terminations.  DE-OX-C provides and airtight seal protecting against moisture, dirt and the formation of oxides.  This formula is highly recommended for all PermaGround connections for safe, permanent, and reliable connections.  
  • Our ZINC formula, DE-OX-Z, contains flecks of zinc providing improved pullout strength and reduced operating temperatures for aluminum and copper terminations.  DE-OX-Z provides an airtight seal protecting against water, galvanic corrosion and the formation of oxides. It is especially recommended for connecting aluminum connectors to either aluminum or copper conductors.